Over the course of my career I have investigated many established and innovative chiropractic and allied healing
techniques. My goal is to share this knowledge with you to improve the quality of your life.

We all have our own physical, chemical, and emotional framework that makes each of us unique. 
Patient centered care takes these factors into consideration when designing individual treatment plans. 
Through this combination of approaches I can deliver real patient centered care.
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Why seek Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is concerned with the relationship between the spinal column and the
nervous system as it affects the restoration and maintenance of good health.

Improper nerve supply to the body's organs and tissues is a proven causative factor in
many diseases.  When cells, tissues, and organs of the body are not functioning well due
to improper nerve supply, a "diseased state" is said to exist.

Optimum Health:  The body working at peak efficiency takes knowledge, discipline, and
hard work to achieve.  Being out of pain does not signal the end of treatment; it is
simply the first hurdle to climb over on the road to optimum health.
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Pain means there is a problem; to cover it up with drugs is misleading, and that could lead to dangerous consequences.
Pain is a warning that needs to be checked out.
Pain cannot be relieved permanently unless you first correct the cause.
chiropractor's responsibility is to understand why the pain exists and to treat the cause of that pain.
While pain pills and formulas may mask symptoms, in no way are they curing the underlying problem.  Headaches are not caused by a "pain killing drug" deficiency.
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